Questions You May Have in Denver, CO

How much material can I put into CRI's containers?
The container can be filled to the level fill lines. All materials must be inside the dumpster by law and all loads must have a tarp over them. Customer will be responsible for removing excess material from containers and any fees after pickup.
What is the weight limit for CRI's containers?
General trash in all of our containers limited to a maximum of 6 tons and $33 per ton thereafter. Heavy material CANNOT exceed the maximum weight of 10 tons, and we can only put this material into the 10 yard container. Heavy material includes but is not limited to; concrete, dirt, rock, gravel, sand, etc. Customers are responsible for any D.O.T. penalties or fines due to over loading.
How do I know when I have filled the container too much?
If you fill the ten yard container to the fill line with heavy material such as dirt, rock, brick, concrete, or block, it will come out to approximately 10 tons. If you fill our other containers with general trash only they will not exceeded the 6 ton max, however if you try to small amount of heavy materials into them they may become overweight and incur fees.
When do I pay CRI for the container?
Payment must be made at the time of delivery with Cash, Check, or Debit/Credit Card. We accept all major credit card types. You can apply for credit terms.
Can I move the dumpster?
No! Do not move or alter the equipment in any way. We will place container as conveniently as possible. Customer will be responsible for any damages to our property due to attempts to relocate. If you need the container moved please call us and we can schedule to move it.
What is NOT allowed in the container?
Electronics are not permitted in containers. Hazardous, toxic, flammable liquids, solids, or gases. This includes but is not limited to paint, gas cans, Aerosol, Freon, Propane bottles, exc. Mattresses are allowed but should not exceed 3.
How long do I keep the container?
Curbside places containers for up to 10 days. We also offer a Weekend Warriors special that includes delivery on a Thursday or Friday, usage of the container through two weekends, then a pick up on a Monday or Tuesday. Contractors please call for details with special needs or rentals.
Does the container have a gate or door?
Yes, all Curbside containers have a door on the back of the container that can be opened and used for a wheel barrow or disposing large furniture items.
How much room does a CRI driver need in order to place the container?
Our drivers need 21 feet high, 80 feet long, and 12 feet wide minimum to place the containers
Please call 303-343-7096 if you have any additional questions we are always willing to clarify any questions or concerns.